These words resonated in me…

I read. A lot.

As in, “I-have-three-to-six-books-going-at-one-time-and-I-finish-at-least-70-books-a-year” a lot.

And all of the books I have read all have little bits of paper marking various pages that have resonated with me in one way or another. A couple of books even have dog-eared pages, but this is only a recent development as I’ve always felt this is a desecration to the sanctity of the book. As I get older, I’m ok with dog-ears.

I’ve re-read many books and as I come across the bits of paper I remember exactly which phrase or passage resonated with me when I read it the first time.  (No, I have not gone so far as to write in my books yet.  Horrors!)  Sometimes those same passages still resonate; other times, no longer.  It all depends on what was or is happening in my life.  One moment a phrase seems profound, the next moment it’s just a peculiar sentence to gloss over and move beyond to the next one.  It may cause deep feelings and thoughts or simply a quick, “How neat!” impression on me.

Every time I’ve placed a scrap of paper or dog-eared a page in a book, I’ve wanted to start a journal expanding on my thoughts and feelings the passage provoked.  The need to express the emotions and thoughts various authors have evoked from me keeps building with every book I read.  So going forward, I’ll express those here, printing the passage and then my thoughts and tagging my posts with #resonate.

Each time I welcome all responses to what the passage resonates in you.


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