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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

For years I’ve made my chocolate chip cookies just like the back of the butter-flavored Crisco can says to make them – and they’ve always turned out yummy! However, I love a chewy-er cookie and finally found the attached recipe that delivers exactly the right chewy chocolate chip cookie…..whenever the dough actually makes it’s way into the oven. 😉


Clean Your Keurig

My mom bought me a Keurig coffee machine a few years ago – love it! Not only can I make a quick and delicious cup of joe, I can also make hot (and iced!) tea, a go-to staple for my beverage preference. (Earl Grey with half-n-half, please.)

After a year or so, the Keurig just wasn’t producing as much volume as it did in the beginning. I also noticed little “crusties” in the reserviour tank. Being a full-time working, single-mother-of-two-busy-body person I kept putting off cleaning my Keurig. Over time the machine bogged down even more and finally wouldn’t even stay turned on – a real hassle when you’re used to the instant gratification of your machine! (I was also accumulating quite the collection of K-cups from my mom’s never-ending sharing of her supply.)

When I ran across this on Pinterest I quickly pinned it. A few months later I finally got back to it. It was quick, easy, and worked like a charm! I’m back in business!

Orange Vinegar

I’ve always advocated cleaning with vinegar and water – it’s probably the cheapest and yet most effective cleaning product out there. It’s versatile, it doesn’t have all those harmful chemicals other cleaners contain, and if you have allergies, asthma or other sensitivities it’s the safest product to use for your cleaning needs. (Need more convincing? Check out this site for 1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar:

I used this Pinterest tip to create my own Orange Vinegar – very easy, puts otherwise garbage-bound orange peels to good use, and now when I clean my home it smells citrusy fresh!

Homemade Breakfast Biscuits – Freeze & Reheat!

My son loves those store-bought, frozen breakfast sandwiches – you know, the kind with sausage, egg and cheese on either an english muffin, bagel, or a crescent roll. Those can get pretty pricey so when I found this recipe for making them at home for a fraction of the cost I jumped on it! These can be frozen and reheated just like the store bought versions (which allows me to sleep in while he makes his own breakfast).

Try them with recipe variations, too. We tried a few with the turkey and salsa options; good for a change, but not our favorite. Leave me a comment with your variation(s) so we can try it out, too!!

Jalapeno Popper Chicken – Delicious!

Easy to prepare and delicious to eat – my kids (and their friends!) love it! This became an instant go-to recipe in my house and the kids ask for it frequently.

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