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The Ability to Compromise

I believe I have many positive qualities I bring to all of my relationships in my life, be they with my coworkers, friends, family, or a boyfriend.  As we mature we refine our qualities and everyone in our life helps to either buff or hone those qualities as needed.

I think one key quality to any lasting relationship is the ability to compromise.  And recently I’ve noticed a lot of compromising going on at my end of the relationship.  A few examples:

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Touch me to help me feel good…


Very true!

Restoring Relationships

“I’m sorry.”

For most people, those two little words are the hardest to say. Those words make people who speak them feel bad, feel horrible, feel defeated – feel as if they have lost something important about themselves. They feel like they “lost” when they utter those two words to someone else. Some people take days, weeks, months, even years to say “I’m sorry” to someone. Some never say it at all.

It makes the person saying it vulnerable to the person they say it to. It puts the power in that other person’s hands. It leaves one open to rejection, hurt and humiliation because it gives that person the opportunity to retaliate.

Some people say it easily but without truly meaning it. “I’m sorry, but…” Ever heard that before? How about, “I’m sorry you feel that way”? Neither of these phrases are an apology and they cause more frustration and hurt. Continue reading →


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One Mile Smile

by Sarah Clouser

Mind of Chaos

How easy it would be, to sit here, telling the world that my struggles were all due to outside sources, that my 2am, scattered-sleep nights were caused by a destructive family life, or the villainous boys I met in high school. How easy it would be to place the blame on undeserved circumstances. I am a strong believer in the “we make our own choices” concept of life, and that life does not discriminate in placing innocent people, in hard paths of being. For me, the life-defining choice was to allow myself to fall victim to my own mind, and for my inside, tyrannical anxiety, to control my outside actions. That moment, whenever it might have been, has visited me in nightmare-like ways, all throughout my young adulthood.

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