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Play Ball!

Since my son was four years old he’s played baseball in the local youth league every spring. He’s now 13 and we finally have our first baseball practice of the season under our belts! I look forward to the kids’ sports every spring and fall – softball and baseball are at the top of my favorites list (soccer I merely tolerate). Since I have a better camera now, I took over 400 pictures of his team’s first practice. Here are just a select few of my favorites.

So handsome! (Even in mom's hat since he left his in the church bathroom)

So handsome! (Even in mom’s hat since he left his in the church bathroom)

Ready for the pitch

Ready for the pitch

Right in the zone!

Right in the zone!

It's a hit!

It’s a hit!

Gotta love that grin

Gotta love that grin

Did you say something?

Did you say something?

That's in the strike zone, buddy

That’s in the strike zone, buddy

Heads up!

Heads up!

I got it!

I got it!

I said I got it!

I said I got it!



I got this one, too!

I got this one, too!

Ok, I forgot my hat and you made me wear your pink and white one in front of all my friends.  Happy now mom?

Ok, I forgot my hat and you made me wear your pink and white one in front of all my friends. Happy now mom?

This is my new cover photo on fb – one of the balls landed close to me and I made a quick out-of-focus snap. I love it!

Love this pic

Love this pic


Geocaching and Good Food, Too

We took advantage of another gorgeous day today. After church we headed up to Broad Ripple to search for geocaches along the Monon Trail.

The Road More Travelled

The Road More Travelled

There are tons of caches along the trail. We parked and headed up the trail to the first one. We came up to the location and searched for a while, but no luck. We headed further up the trail and couldn’t find the next one, either. I started doing a bit more research on my phone about the Monon Trail caches and discovered a lot of people consider them a bit harder than normal/for-beginner cachers. Undaunted we continued and came up to the next one. My daughter quickly located this one!

That's not gum under there....

That’s not gum under there….

We signed the log, put it back where we found it and moved on to the next. No luck. Getting hungry we turned around and headed back towards the car, searching for the ones we missed as we passed their locations again. While searching for one with a clue of “Tree”, another family came upon us and asked if we had found it yet. Aha! Fellow cachers! We ran down what we had found and what we had missed and started searching for this one together. While searching a jogger on the trail stopped and asked, “Are you guys geocaching? There’s a park up this way that has several. Good luck!” How awesome! I love how geocaching starts conversations with random people that you would normally only pass with a nod of your head. We continued searching and after about 10 minutes one of his daughters found it. We all signed the log and went our separate ways. Continue reading →

Mom, can we go geocaching?

T-Bone called me yesterday to ask if he could spend the night at my house. After I said yes, he then asked if we could go geocaching – I think this was the real draw to spending more time with me this week! 😉 Fine by me, the weather has finally turned to spring and any chance to get out in the sun and warm weather after the past six miserably cold and dreary months gets a definite yes from me!

I picked him up after work and we headed to a local city park that had three or four caches. It was such a gorgous evening! We hit the hiking trails towards our first cache. When we got close the app on my phone indicated it was just a bit off the trail. Seeing where a side trail or three had been made we started exploring the area to find our treasure.

Slippery slope - it's a lot steeper than the picture shows.

Slippery slope – it’s a lot steeper than the picture shows.

No luck. Continue reading →

YA & Wine

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