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That’s It, You’re Grounded!

Leftovers have never gone to waste in my house. We eat leftovers. We love leftovers. The kids actually claim first dibs on leftovers before we are even done with the meal. I had to laugh the other day when Trinity told T-Bone, “Hey, don’t eat the rest of the chicken! I want to take it to school for lunch tomorrow.”

I’m fortunate to have two kids who have never been picky eaters and have a love of all foods to rival my own. Italian, Mexican, American fair; spicy (hot!), sweet, tangy; seafood, chicken, veggies – you name it, they love it. Even their favorite TV shows revolve around food: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Man v. Food, Rachael Ray, etc. We are definitely a “foodie” family. And because I love to cook and try new recipes they are never bored with the same meals week in and week out.

Of course, we all have our favorite meals and this week they were treated to one I haven’t been able to make in almost two years: marinated grilled chicken with awesome sides! Continue reading →


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One Mile Smile

by Sarah Clouser

Mind of Chaos

How easy it would be, to sit here, telling the world that my struggles were all due to outside sources, that my 2am, scattered-sleep nights were caused by a destructive family life, or the villainous boys I met in high school. How easy it would be to place the blame on undeserved circumstances. I am a strong believer in the “we make our own choices” concept of life, and that life does not discriminate in placing innocent people, in hard paths of being. For me, the life-defining choice was to allow myself to fall victim to my own mind, and for my inside, tyrannical anxiety, to control my outside actions. That moment, whenever it might have been, has visited me in nightmare-like ways, all throughout my young adulthood.

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