Jello Shots and Lube

Conversation with my boss’ wife at work today:

BW: Hey, I have to go to a toy party tonight.

Me: A what?

BW: I don’t know, one of those sex toy party things. Wanna go with me?

Me: OMG, who is hosting that?

BW: You should come with me, we can get you some toys to play with!

(Then the Boss walks into the room)
Boss: Get her a big black dildo, she needs that.

BW: If I bring a friend I get a free gift. Maybe it’s a butt plug!

Me: Or nipple clamps.

BW: Ow, I hope not, that would hurt!

Boss: We can hook a little battery up to them and give you a jolt. ZZZzz!

BW: So you wanna go?

Me: I was planning on going to the outdoor movie at the park tonight, or Iron Man 3 if it rains.

BW: By yourself again, right? Oh come on, this will be much more fun! I’ll text you about seven and let you know where to go. There will be jello shots!

Boss: Jello shots and lube. Damn, this is info us guys need! I’ll spread the word, you think you’ll be liquored up and lubed by 11, honey?

Just another typical Friday at work….


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