Mom, can we go geocaching?

T-Bone called me yesterday to ask if he could spend the night at my house. After I said yes, he then asked if we could go geocaching – I think this was the real draw to spending more time with me this week! 😉 Fine by me, the weather has finally turned to spring and any chance to get out in the sun and warm weather after the past six miserably cold and dreary months gets a definite yes from me!

I picked him up after work and we headed to a local city park that had three or four caches. It was such a gorgous evening! We hit the hiking trails towards our first cache. When we got close the app on my phone indicated it was just a bit off the trail. Seeing where a side trail or three had been made we started exploring the area to find our treasure.

Slippery slope - it's a lot steeper than the picture shows.

Slippery slope – it’s a lot steeper than the picture shows.

No luck. We checked out the hints and discovered the coordinates were off a bit. Since my phone service provider sucks big donkey balls (T-Mobile) I didn’t have a strong enough signal to locate the cache by the GPS coordinates another cacher left in the online log. We moved on to the next cache with the same results – no find. 😦

With one cache left to hunt down we trekked through the trails and did a bit of side exploration along the creek running alongside us. This park will be gorgeous to come back to when the trees sprout their leaves and all the flower buds along the trails bloom.

Anyone know what this is?

Anyone know what this is?

Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

Sticking to the trail we watched our phone app and discovered we were effectively circling our third and final cache. We headed off the trail and started looking for the “base of the fallen tree” as the hint indicated. We zeroed in on one such fallen tree and found nothing. Expanding our phone search we saw we were still a few feet away from it. Heading to the next fallen tree I noticed something that just didn’t look quite natural in our nature-esq surroundings:

Yes, Olivia, all logs do fall in a stacked pattern like this...

Yes, Olivia, all logs do fall in a stacked pattern like this…

We poked among the little logs and – bingo! – our cache! Cleverly disquised with camo stickers on top was a cute little tupperware lift-n-lock box with lots of treasures inside.

Yay, goodies!

Yay, goodies!

We signed the log, left a travel bug we had grabbed a few days ago from another cache, and put everything back exactly as we found it. Really hungry now we headed back to the trail and only got lost once heading back to the car. (Note to self: make the car a waypoint on the GPS to get back to it.) 🙂

Follow me, mom, the car is this way...

Follow me, mom, the car is this way…

...or maybe it's over this way...

…or maybe it’s over this way…

P.S. Here are some other pictures I took while exploring the park tonight. I just got a new digital camera and I’m teaching my self how to use it. Any tips or helpful suggestions? I would appreciate them! 🙂

I thought the setting sun behind these trees made a pretty effect.

I thought the setting sun behind these trees made a pretty effect.

Little ripples.

Little ripples.

I think the Wicked Witch of the West lives around here...

I think the Wicked Witch of the West lives around here…

Ok, not a picture taken while in the park but I did take it today using a ProOptic 8mm lens.

Ok, not a picture taken while in the park but I did take it today using a ProOptic 8mm lens.

P.P.S. Before heading to bed T-Bone gave me his usual goodnight hug and then said, “Thank you for taking me geocaching tonight!” Anytime, buddy! ❤


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